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  • : Le blog de broker meteorology
  • Le blog de broker meteorology
  • : A weather analyst blog for weather long range forecasts.
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Produits ayant trait aux conditions météorologiques

Notre gamme de produits météorologiques permet de tirer parti d'opportunités ayant trait aux températures, aux chutes de neige, au gel et aux ouragans. Ces produits ont pour sous-jacent des indices rendant compte des conditions météorologiques prévalant dans plusieurs grandes villes, dont 18 aux Etats-Unis, six au Canada, neuf en Europe, deux en Asie, et, dans le cas des produits adossés aux ouragans, celles enregistrées dans six régions des Etats-Unis.

Une entreprise agrico alimentaire et industrielle sur trois est directement affectée par les conditions météorologiques. Ces produits permettent à des entreprises commerciales de gérer les risques associés aux conditions météorologiques mais également aux spéculateurs de générer des profits en anticipant l'évolution de ces conditions.

Contrats futures et options relatifs aux températures

   - Heating Degree Days (HDDs) (Indice permettant de mesurer la hausse de la demande en chauffage des ménages et des entreprises)
    - Cooling Degree Days (CDDs) (Indice permettant de mesurer la baisse de la demande en chauffage des ménages et des entreprises)
   - Cumulative Average Temperature (CAT) (température moyenne cumulée)
   - Average Temperature (température moyenne)

Contrats futures et options relatifs aux ouragans

    - Hurricane (Ouragan)

Contrats futures et options relatifs aux chutes de neige

    - Snowfall (chutes de neige)

Contrats futures et options relatifs au gel

    - Frost (gel)


Weather information for traders

  • Broker Meteorology specialises in the delivery of accurate and timely weather data to energy companies and banks that trade on weather critical markets. Forecasts from 1 hour to 15 days ahead can be delivered according to the customer’s format and delivery needs for any location worldwide and for all weather elements known to impact on the price of power and commodities.

Weather prediction model data

  • Also specialising in the delivery of weather prediction model data from ECMWF and GFS, Broker Meteorology provides key information on model variations, comparisons, shifts and confidence levels.

    Additionally our powerful forecasting tool, allows traders and analysts to get the very latest weather data at the touch of a button. Geared towards more advanced weather operations, our model provides data from four separate weather forecasting agencies, the very latest observation data and results from in-house forecasting techniques.


Long range weather forecasts for traders

  • The value of long range weather forecasts to the industry has long been identified by our trading clients. Broker Meteorology is also able to provide forecasts for up to six months ahead using analogue, deterministic and probabilistic methods.

  • Long Range

    The forecasts are produced by our expert Climatology team who use 48 years, climate data, sea surface temperatures (SST's) and other indicators exclusive to Broker Meteorology.

    30, 60 and 90 day forecasts are available. They complement the 14-day forecasts. The coming 3 months are available on a rolling basis.

    They are compiled in Quark Media software, merging Flash Media graphics and transformed into an Acrobat .pdf document.

    Comprehensive 6 page monthly forecasts are also available for purchase either by direct ordering on Invoice contract or by Debit/Credit Card to subscribers through our on-line weather shop.

    They are also available as part of our bespoke business packages.


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