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  • : Le blog de broker meteorology
  • Le blog de broker meteorology
  • : A weather analyst blog for weather long range forecasts.
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Long Range Weather Forecasts


Long Range Forecasts are for 2 - 11 months ahead, they include maps and graphics and describe:


Key Weather Periods : Main weather types and the timing of key changes to a resolution of a week or less.


Extremes : alertes of gales, stroms, heavy rain, cold spells, fog, intense heat and drought.


Temperature: daytime maxima and night-time minima °C above/below normal for the time of year.


Sunshine / Rainfall : % level above/below normal for the time of year.


Wind conditions : general strength and direction.





The forecasts are accompanied by 30 days ahead and next week's weather updates.


Charges : charges depend on detail required, period covered, range and whether there is a need for ongoing advice and consultancy. Prices are from Euros 2000 - 15 000 for a year's service.


Month Ahead forecasts : these are detailed forecasts for the next 30 days with weather types accurate to within a day or two. In addition to outlining general weather developments for the month they describe key weather periods, extremes, temperature, sunshine/rainfall, wind conditions (including maps and graphics). Charge : 180 e per annum.


Next week's weather : these forecasts are similar to the month ahead forecasts but focus on 3 - 12 days ahead. Charge : 480 euros per annum.

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