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  • Le blog de broker meteorology
  • : A weather analyst blog for weather long range forecasts.
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Our formation / training is clearly structured to cover the instruments and market characteristics in depth, addressing the specifics of modeling energy products and risk management application of these in struments. Risks are defined in the context of energy markets including main approaches to estimating and calculationg value-at-risk. The practical case studies will ensure yu discuss areas of cocern theat might arise from you day-to-day wirk and enable you to put into practice any theory dicussed.


             ----> Course Content:

  • Overview of energy physical and financial markets
  • Understanding energy price behaviour
  • Crude oil markets and instruments
  • Refined product markets and instruments
  • Weather, freight and emissions markets - their impact on oil and gas markets
  • Strategic and tactical issues around hedging with energy derivatives: designing an effective hedging program
  • Using energy futures. forwards and swaps
  • Using energy options: Hedging and speculation
  • Market risk managment in energy markets
  • Please contact us for more information and for teaching,



Les risques climatiques : de l'économie à la finance 


Les bases scientifiques

  • Changements climatiques : les bases scientifiques
  • Distinction Météo et Climat : différentes échelles spatio-temporelles

Les bases institutionnelles

  • Adaptation et mitigation : du protocole de Kyoto aux plans climat
  • Finance Carbone et mécanismes de flexibilité du protocole de Kyoto (marchés d'échanges de quotas et mécanismes de projet)
  • Kyoto... et après ?

Le carbone concret/quotidien

  • Mesure et gestion de l'empreinte écologique autour du Bilan Carbone TM
  • Les initiatives, les leviers d'action, le cadre porteur : GHG Protocol, Carbon Disclosure Project, reporting RSE, compensation volontaire

Gestion des risques météo-climatiques

  • Risques catastrophes vs risques climatiques
  • Gestion des risques : Assurance vs Finance
  • La gestion des risques météo

Changements climatiques et vulnérabilité

Vulnérabilité et opportunité : étude de cas concrets


Brroker Meteorology staff


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