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The revenue and profits of 70% of all companies is directly affected by the weather. Despite this, most companies have a poor understanding of how the weather influences their financial performance, or have any means of protecting themselves against its effects. Whilst most companies buy insurance cover for property, and in many cases business interruption and contingency, weather is usually viewed as an inevitable trading risk, despite being one that can dramatically influence a company's fortunes.

BrokerMeteorology has helped make available an entirely new class of insurance. Through our business partners, we can provide data and consultancy to isolate and quantify your weather risk and help broker insurance to offer you optimum protection from it. This can help you to realise dramatic commercial benefits. Insurance is available to all types of business.


  Identify and understand your companies weather risk
Protect your companies performance from the weather
Establish greater revenue control, less uncertainty in profits, an increase in share price


Please contact us for more information.


Broker Meteorology Staff



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